Intelligence We specialise in identifying all the factors, which should be known prior to selecting a course of action, using GORNAL proprietary methodologies.
Analysis Our industry leading specialists can deconstruct any problem to its core and provide recommendations to overcome any dilemma.
Training GORNAL delivers knowledge, skills and competencies aimed at improving an organisation’s capability, capacity or performance.
Technical Writing We communicate complex concepts into simple plans and directions, which anyone can understand.

We specialise in:

  • Information and Intelligence collection
  • Advanced research and analysis
  • Developing successful operational plans
  • Constructing and delivering bespoke training packages
  • Technical writing
  • Policy development
  • Achieving positive key stakeholder engagements and negotiations

We have a strong reputation for our mental agility, flexibility and outcome-focused approach. GORNAL employs visionaries in their respective fields and provides true
multi-disciplined planning teams to support our clients.
No matter what the issue, where or when it arises, nor the scale and complexity,
GORNAL will be with you every step of the way to ensure that you succeed.

Are you planning based on assumptions rather than facts?

Do you want to be better informed to enable positive decision-making?

Would you like to understand your operating environment in far more detail?

Want the ability to predict what your competitors will do, before they do it?

GORNAL specialise in supporting clients to deliver outcomes, no matter how difficult, remote or obscure they may be. We pride ourselves on understanding your problems, developing and implementing feasible plans, and providing outcomes.